University of Puerto Rico
Cayey, Campus

I am a softmore student in the Biology department of natural science at the University of Puerto Rico Cayey Campus working towards a Bachelor’s degree (BS) majoring in Biology. I am an active member of the Biology Honor Society Tri-Beta Zeta Epsilon Chapter at my campus. My goal is to achieve a PhD in biotechnology, I have always been fascinated with how life works. I am currently working with Dr. Braulio Jimenez Vélez at the Center for Environmental and Toxicological Research lab at the University of Puerto Rico at the Medical Sciences Campus doing research in toxicology.

I have always love the idea to be able to contribute to what we know about life and how living organisms work. Because I have a deep belief that once we understand how something works we can help and improve it. We can be engineers of life itself. This belief is one of the reasons why I love topics like genetics and want to pursue a career in biotechnology.

Knowledge is created by research; therefore, the work done in the lab is important. The work done in the lab contributes and shapes the future. The future is created by us and what we do in the lab. Therefore, I contacted Dr. Braulio Jimenez Vélez because I know that he has a vast experience in research and know that the lessons learned with this experience will help my whole career.