Initially at: University Gardens High School
Currently at: University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus


My fascination towards science, my inquisitiveness towards the unknown and my desire to aid others drove me towards the field of biomedical research. My journey led me to join Dr. Braulio Jimenez laboratory to further explore and learn this intriguing field.

My research project involves the study of the adverse effects of mercury from dental amalgams. Although mercury is a toxic agent that has detrimental effect on the health of humans, specially the central nervous system, it still composes approximately 50% of amalgam fillings. This remains a subject of extensive controversy since its inception despite its prolong availability and use by dentists. Consequently, my goal is to determine the amount of mercury that dental amalgams release, and correlate these levels to adverse effects reported on individuals.

My interest towards research and science has led me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry starting in the University of Puerto Rico. Afterwards, I plan on carrying out a Doctorate’s Degree in Pharmacy. It is my aspiration to use the abilities and knowledge acquired through these degrees to serve other individuals.

In the meanwhile, I am actively involved in my community through multiple extracurricular activities and volunteering. While in secondary school, I was treasurer of my school’s chapter of the National Honor Society, and I was an ambassador of the National Society of High School Scholars. Also, I was member of various clubs such as the Medicine Club (affiliated with the Medical Sciences Campus, UPR) and the Chemistry Club (affiliated with the American Chemical Society). The latter of whom I presided. Furthermore, I participated in Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) Mentor Program, where I presented the final project at the “Colegio de Ingenieros”. In addition, I participated in the science fair during the academic year 2012-2013, and was awarded 1st place at the Nucleus level, 2nd place at the District section, and 3rd place at the Regionals. In my spare time, I worked on a local Pharmacy. I also volunteered at the Veteran’s Affair Hospital where I had the opportunity to work with different health care professionals and learn about the care of our veterans. Lastly, I support educational programs by being a translator at TED, Scientific American, Udacity and Global Voices. The latter project is on account of my proud multicultural background. Being an Arab immigrant that currently lives in Puerto Rico gave me the opportunity of being fluent in Spanish, English and Arabic.

Aside from my education, research, volunteering, and extracurricular activities, in my spare time I enjoy playing various sports, learning about cultures, and sharing quality time with my family and friends.