P.R. Newborn Screening Program


Work Experience in Research

Lcdo. Alfredo Chardon is also a research associate at the Center for Environmental and Toxicological Research in The Medical Sciences Campus. He is currently in charge of the Instrumentation laboratory which houses equipment’s such as GC-MS, HPLCs, Atomic Absorption and others. He received a bachelor degree in Biology with minor in Chemistry in 1986 and post-graduate degree in the area of clinical analysis in 1988 becoming a medical technologist. He worked in a private laboratory for 2 years performing clinical analysis and in 1990 he became a staff member at the University of Puerto Rico in the Medical sciences Campus.Lcdo. Chardon has 21 years of experience in clinical analysis, specialized in the area of metabolic diseases and newborn screening, he participates in the research and development of several methods to improve the screening of clinical assays in plasma and serum from humans and animals. During the last 16 years he has concentrated in manipulating and establishing protocols using dry blood spot samples from newborns (DBS).He has strong experience is in the area of chromatography, especially with HPLC (Modular units, binary and quaternary systems), illuminometers, MS/MS implementation techniques especially ESI (optimization, tuning), spectrophotometers, and other instruments used in biochemistry laboratories. All of these years of experience have enhanced his abilities to interphase instrumentation with health issues and expand the boundaries to environmental related problems. He has participated in different instrumentation courses and workshops inside and outside PR (US and Europe).During recent years, he has participated in the development of new laboratories facilities at the Newborn Screening Program and the Center for environmental and Toxicological Research. His experience is of utmost importance and asset for the guidance and implementation of local and federal government regulations in the laboratory.