Assistant Professor

Universidad de Puerto Rico
Recinto de Río Piedras
Instituto de Estadística y Sistemas Computadorizados de Información
Facultad de Administración de Empresas

Research interest:

Interested in new applications of mathematical knowledge and statistics in elucidating and understanding problems in the areas of Toxicology, Epidemiology and Biomedical Sciences Research. Our analysis and statistical approach are oriented in the use and advancement of three main areas described below:

  • Computational statistics: implementing computational algorithms to drive the analysis of new methodologies not found in commercial programs that use conventional applications.

  • Classification: The application of methodologies based on learning groups where the known information is classified a priori and is used to train the system and classify new information, resulting in a new known supervised category. The classification can also be unsupervised; the system lacks a learning group to classify information a priori, and it is therefore based on its statistical analyses for classifying patterns.

  • Microarrays data Analysis: Applying methodologies that transforms microarray matrix into a non-correlated component matrix. This analysis facilitates the identification of groups of individuals within distinct types of cancer groups based on a minimum number of components for graphical representation.. Collaborations with Dr. Edgar Acu–a at UPR in Mayaguez Campus, at the Math Department to expand these analyses.

  • Analyses of Toxicological data: Applying statistical methodologies in experimental and multivariate analyses. Evaluation of environmental toxicological air quality data obtained from various locations in Puerto Rico.