Ph.D. Graduate Student,
Biochemistry Department
University of Puerto Rico
School of Medicine

I’m currently a graduate student at the University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus School of Medicine, in the Biochemistry department. I’ve always been fascinated by Science, specially the molecular side of the world, which led me to study and find out about this discipline. With this in mind, I’m looking forward to expand my knowledge not only on the biological side, but also as it applies to medicine, for which in a near future I wish to achieve an M.D. Ph.D. Since my childhood I’ve been always taught that you should always do for others the best you can, because this action becomes a measure and reflection of your love and appreciation of one’s own life. That life is a constant process of learning and as such one begins to appreciate it and learn from the simplest things, which can make a great difference deep inside. I’m also a firm believer that a healthy living is the most important thing for increasing life expectancy. Consequently, I always look forward to encourage others in giving healthy living a chance and to enjoy the benefits it brings.

I have had the opportunity to participate in various health programs, and been able to work in various clinical laboratories with emphasis on statistical analyses. I have always been fascinated by learning and increasing my understanding about human anatomy and physiology, and hope to continue increasing my knowledge in this area at the molecular level.

I had the opportunity to join the Center of Environmental and Toxicological Research as an undergraduate student. Since then, this experience has been very rewarding for me since I have been exposed to the field of Environmental and molecular Toxicology. I have learned many concepts and techniques employed in this field and have come to grips with a complete new dimension of the field of education through research. There is more to the world than what it shows you, after an in-depth search in the molecular and cellular area I was stimulated to expand further into the unknown wonders of biomedical research. I got this wonderful opportunity to do environmental toxicology research under the guidance of Dr. Braulio Jimenez-Velez and hope to get the most out of it. We are looking into the effects of airborne particulate matter collected in Puerto Rico using human bronchial epithelial cells. The extracts of PM 2.5 are being evaluated on their potential to induce a series of genes related to immune function. In addition we are also evaluating the effects of these extracts on the induction or inhibition of detoxification genes from the CYP family. I hope to be elucidating some of the molecular mechanisms associated with the regulation of some of these genes by particulate matter.

As of my personal life I can say that I’ve been in love with music since a kid. This has lead me to wonder into the music arena and since I was seven until now I have pretty much become a multi-instrumentalist. Music seems to move people and it’s one of the most amazing ways of making someone happy and bring a smile to their faces, which in part, contributes on making a better world. I share the view of what someone already expressed, quote “if you take away my music, the balancing force of my life perishes”. I’ve also worked as a statistic & biochemistry tutor for undergraduate students at the University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras Campus since those two areas are part of my passion on science. Currently, I’m working as a Dental Biochemistry tutor and have expanded my research area toward trauma and drug abuse, as well as in environmental toxicology.