My research interests are in the transcriptional regulation of certain genes, specifically those involved with the detoxification of air pollution in the lungs. The genes are MHCII, CIITA, and the family of cytochrome P450s. I am interested in Asthma and how the transcriptional regulation leads to its large prevalence in Puerto Rican industrial areas. I am also interested in studying the effects that the Saharan Dust has on air quality in the Caribbean and Eastern United States.

My hobbies are enjoying the beaches, hiking, sailing and reading. I also like bird watching and I am active in conservation efforts.

Current: Teachers Assistant of General Biology II laboratory

2009~Current: PhD degree of Biology (Inter-Campus) at University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras- San Juan, PR

2006~2008: MS degree of Medical Science at Indiana University School of Medicine- Indianapolis, IN

2002~2006: BA degree of Biochemistry at Baylor University- Waco, TX