University of Puerto Rico,
Bayamón Campus
freshman student

I am currently a freshman student majoring in Biology at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Bayamón Campus. My goals are to achieve a Bachelor‘s degree (BS) in Biology, participate in research, learn more about the researchers role in society and Science, and learn more about the Pharmacy School and their Pharm. D. Program at the University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus. I have always felt a deep desire to get involved and work for the improvement of human health, life is the process that makes us be and loving it is the appreciation of who we are. The integration of these two things is an essential ingredient to happiness. Health sets the balance for these ingredients, so our interest in health lies specifically in how drugs can help or interfere with a person’s medical condition.

Another new topic of great interest to me, since it also encompasses the health scenario, is Toxicology. The study of the nature, effects and detection of poisons (or chemicals that can lead to detrimental health effects) and the treatment of poisoning has a great impact on human health. This area of Science is starting to make a significant impact in my professional development and it is a field in which I plan to get more involved in and learn more about.
Currently, I am working in a research laboratory at the Center for Environmental and Toxicological Research with a team of researchers and with Dr. Braulio Jiménez-Vélez where I am being exposed to techniques and fundamental tools in Toxicology. When I came across the opportunity to be a part of this research team I felt very excited because it represents a chance to expand my knowledge in this particular field of science. Although I am still a freshman, I am a hard worker with an enormous quest for knowledge and glad that I came across this opportunity.

As my freshman year began I became a member of the AMSA (American Medical Student Association) chapter at the UPR Bayamon Campus. Before starting in college, I was the president of the National Honor Society chapter of my school and I participated in many community service activities, such as the painting of two murals and visiting the elderly. I also enjoy taking the time to teach what I know to others. I guess that is a way of also sharing your happiness with others.
I am also a very family oriented person. I love spending time with friends and family. Two of my favorite hobbies are going to the beach and taking a stroll in Old San Juan.